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Looking for a new way to expose students to STEM?

Learning Blade™ provides an efficient and effective tool to reach all students!

About the System
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Are you looking for an engaging way to expose your students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math?

Then Learning Blade™ is your answer! Learning Blade is an efficient and effective tool designed to grab your students’ attention while introducing them to the careers, tools and technology found throughout the STEM fields.

Much more than just another tool, Learning Blade is different. This is a high quality supplemental curriculum that is focused on offering your students real world learning experiences in STEM education. It does this by providing student-ready, interactive missions that integrate the processes of developing a student’s interest in STEM, building awareness of STEM career opportunities, and reinforcing academic standards and skills.

Fully Internet-based running on desktops and tablets including iPads, Learning Blade does not require extensive teacher training or classroom materials and is complementary to project- or lab-based activities. The unique organization allows our activities to be utilized both in an entertaining self-paced game environment and as skill practice within academic classrooms.