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The System

Learning Blade introduces the student to STEM technologies and career opportunities through an entertaining game-based format. In this system, the student pursues engaging missions that solve a problem such as helping an injured dolphin, building an orphanage after a major earthquake, or solving energy and transportation needs in a new city. Students can select missions from our ever-growing library.

To complete the mission, students must earn tools and the assistance of teammates that correspond to various STEM activities and careers. To earn these students must complete short activities that expose the students to interesting aspects of STEM.

While completing the activities, students are presented with problems that exercise skills defined by the academic ELA and mathematics standards. This provides the teacher with valuable feedback on student skills, while demonstrating to the student the relevance of academic skills in real-life contexts.

Mission Mode

In Mission Mode, the student follows the mission narrative and earns activities, points and hints towards discovering and completing his or her mission.  In order to complete the mission a student must earn both Tools and Teammates

These tools and teammates relate to STEM technologies and STEM careers and are designed to spark the interest of students.  A leader board shows scores by class and/or school to create competition and encourage good performance by students.

Lesson Mode

In the Lesson Mode, teachers can access a library of activities which can easily be incorporated into a lesson plan as they are categorized by subject as well as academic standards. When students log in they then see a simple list of lessons assigned to them by their teachers. In this mode the student completes the lesson individually, without the context of a mission. 

Each activity is then scored and the results are made available to teachers through various reports.


The activities present STEM concepts including interactive exercises that require the use of academic standards and skills.

Each activity is categorized by appropriate grade levels and by the subjects English, mathematics, social studies and science.