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Thinking Media, named Small Business of the Year by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, was founded by Sheila and Dr. Dane Boyington and is a registered WBE and MBE. This highly educated dynamic couple have developed some of the most respected and innovative tools in several fields. The nationally lauded products are KeyTrain®, CharacterEd.Net®, PictureRx. Creating these products took independent thinking and tremendous effort. Thinking Media, the Boyington’s company, founded in 1997 has been hailed as experts and innovators in the fields of education, workforce development and health care.

KeyTrain® (Now a product of ACT, Inc.)

ACT's KeyTrain is the complete interactive learning tool for career readiness skills defined by ACT's WorkKeys system. At its foundation is a targeted interactive curriculum written specifically to help people master the applied workplace skills. This core curriculum is also available in Spanish and is complemented by diagnostic tools, soft skills curriculum, and a powerful reporting system to form a robust career readiness learning system.  Additional tools include a career training course that is an integrated approach to exploring careers and their skill requirements, building workplace skills, and creating life-literacy with such skills as financial awareness and job searching.  KeyTrain has improved the workplace skills of millions of high school students, college students, and incumbent workers. KeyTrain has been used by over 7,000 organizations. The usage had grown to over 4,000,000 registered users. The tool was so widely respected that ACT, Inc. (the college testing company) acquired KeyTrain and made it part of one of the leading educational companies. 



CharacterEd.Net is an innovative set of tools available over the Internet for integrating Character Education into school curriculum (K-12). These tools include interactive, on-line lessons that explore the major character traits and activities. They are designed for individual self-study or for groups of students in the classroom. CharacterEd.Net has received national recognition and Thinking Media was awarded a $1 million federal grant to expand the system and its use. It has been available in over 2,000 schools across the country and used by many students nationwide.



PictureRx was created with the Boyington’s lead after successful negotiations with Emory University for the exclusive rights to the research of a visual picture prescription card. The picture prescription card provides a graphical way to communicate medication regimens and to increase adherence for low literacy, the elderly and others. A patent has been applied for and this project has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and was a finalist in the national American Express Member’s Project. This product has been furthered by approximately $1 Million in National Institute of Health grants that are currently expanding its use through research and clinical trials in Nashville and Atlanta. Results have been excellent and projected use will be widespread and will lead to a healthier nation.

The Boyington’s have also contributed their time, financial resources and talent to improving life in Chattanooga through countless non-profit and other organizations.

Copyright for KeyTrain: KeyTrain is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc.