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Learning Blade Backpack

Welcome to Learning Blade Backpack! This app will allow students to use Learning Blade even when they do not have Internet access available!

There are four steps to using Learning Blade's interactive lessons at home anywhere:

  1. Get the app installed on students' Chromebooks
  2. Have students log in to the app while still online
  3. Have students download a Mission while still online
  4. After completing the lessons, have students connect to the Internet and open the app to upload results.

Installing Learning Blade Backpack

The app must be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If your Chromebooks are distributed by your district, then your IT department may need to authorize or install the app. Then if needed, the students can download the app:

Logging In to Learning Blade Backpack

Students must log in to the app before disconnecting from the Internet. 

Using Learning Blade Backpack

To use this app, while you are still online and connected to the Internet:

  1. Log in to the app using your student Learning Blade username and password. (If your teacher gave you a class code instead, go here first to set up your account.)
  2. Select the Mission that you want to use, and click the download button next to that Mission, like this:  It may take up to 5 minutes to download an Express Mission, and 15 minutes for a Full Mission.
  3. Wait until the download is complete before closing your computer or disconnecting from the Internet.
  4. Do not log out of the app. You may close the app and/or your computer and stay logged in to Learning Blade while students complete lessons offline.
  5. You need to connect to WiFI and open your app at least every 3 days to stay logged in and update your scores. Student progress will be uploaded when they reconnect to the Internet.
  6. You may download up to 2 full Missions or 4 Express Missions at a time. When you are done with a mission, you may click the unload button next to a mission to free up space on your Chromebook, like this:
  7. You may now go home and still use Learning Blade!

NOTES: Career video lessons cannot be completed when offline. The app is only for student accounts - teachers should log in using a web browser online.

Student scores will not be updated online or in teacher accounts until a student connnects to the Internet and opens the app. This will automatically upload and update the scores.


Clever Users:

You can use Backpack to help students who have poor Internet connections, but they cannot use Clever to log in to the app. You will need to create a new student account for each student to use the app:

1. Log into your Clever Teacher Account.

2. Click "Students".

3. Click "Enroll student" and enter a username and password for each student. This will create a duplicate student account for your student(s) who have poor Internet at home.

4. Have the app installed on students' Chromebooks as described above.

5. Have the students log in with the username and passwords you created, and follow the usage instructions above.

6. If you want your student to use your class code to join your class, then students must log in to the Learning Blade website online to enter the code. Log in at with the username you created,  click "Resources" and then "Enter class code" to enter your class code.