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Learning Blade for National Cybersecurity Awareness Week

Cybersecurity is everywhere. Computers and networks are a part of every industry and protecting data is critical to the world’s economy. November 9-14 is National Cybersecurity Awareness Week, and you can log into Learning Blade to explore careers and technologies in the Cybersecurity, STEM, and Computer Science fields.

As you look at the careers and technologies in Learning Blade, keep in mind that they all have relationships with cybersecurity professionals and skills. Explore and think about how people interact with technology and different types of information (particularly about people) and how it is important to protect that data. 

To participate in the Learning Blade for Cybersecurity Week, either:

Learning Blade for Cybersecurity Week is supported by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). For teachers seeking additional information about K12 cybersecurity career awareness, the K-12 Subgroup of the NICE Working Group (sponsor of NCCAW) has provided the following resources:

One pager on Cybersecurity Career Awareness for School Administrators and Counselors 
Why Consider a Career in Cybersecurity?: A flier with key talking points
K12 Cybersecurity At Home: free education resources curated by the K12 Subgroup

Please register by letting us know the name of your school here so we can count your participation!

Tweet and tag @LearningBlade with the hashtags #CyberCareerWeek and #MyCyberJob!