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Learning Blade is designed to provide engaging resources that will expose students to STEM related career opportunities and help them develop key skills as they move forward. This innovative approach to STEM education focuses on activities that can be utilized both in a self-paced game environment and as practice in academic classrooms.

The system is built on the concept of Missions. Each Mission highlights a people-centered problem that engages today's students, and shows how STEM careers and technologies solve these problems.

This interactive toolbox combines multiple components for each Mission:

  • Online Lessons - over 400 lessons highlight STEM careers and technologies and show the relevance of basic academic skills in these jobs.


  • Hands-On Exercises - projects, activities and team exercises help students to see the application of STEM to practical problems.


  • Design Thinking Problems - students get to create their own solutions to problems related to the subject of each mission


  • 3D Printing Resources - downloadable files ready to 3D print, or have students make their own design changes, then do experiments with the resulting objects


  • Coding Activities - offline activities that demonstrate basic coding concepts along with links to online exercises


  • Career Videos - show students the activities of typical STEM professionals


  • Parent Activities - engage families in easy STEM conversations and activities


Learning Blade aims to be an effective resource useful to the entire teaching staff, including language arts, mathematics, social studies and (of course!) science teachers.

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