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The Results

Learning Blade has four goals:

Research-based data show that Learning Blade meets these goals by increaseing STEM career awareness and interest and demonstrating the relevance of academics to real-life jobs. Learning Blade:

Introduces STEM careers and technologies to a wide range of students:
After using Learning Blade,

Demonstrates the relevance of academic studies to future careers and life:
Using Learning Blade increased the number of students who strongly agree that:

Increases interest in following a path to STEM careers, including appropriate academic preparation in high school:
Using Learning Blade increased the number of students who say that:

Learning Blade Results

See the entire report on Learning Blade results published by Battelle Education here.

Additionally, see a summary of an independent Ed.D. thesis on the effect of Learning Blade here.

Additional results revealed the math and reading exercises, which were designed according to academic standards, were challenging to the students. Nonetheless, students maintained a positive attitude, saying they felt they could answer most questions correctly.

The results indicate the system achieved the goals of improving student awareness of STEM technologies and careers while also providing meaningful practice of academic skills that was more entertaining to students than traditional homework. 

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