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Why Do We Need STEM Career Awareness?

STEM careers are the most in demand and highest paying jobs available, yet our students are uninterested and unprepared for these occupations.  A student cannot aspire to become something that he/she is not even aware of.

Now you can offer your students the opportunity to learn more about these occupations in a fun and engaging environment.

Why Teachers Love Learning Blade

Not only does Learning Blade engage students in activities that attract them to STEM, it also connects each lesson to the new academic standards. How is this possible?  In short, each lesson within the Learning Blade system is directly correlated to specific academic standards, thus allowing teachers to choose individual lessons for their students based on where they feel a student needs more practice. Points earned during the lessons are available in convenient reports and can be used as assignment or homework grades.

Why School Systems Love Learning Blade

Learning Blade provides an economical way to reach a wide variety of students, exposing them to STEM and STEM related careers.  Most school systems focus on just a few teachers providing STEM activities to a select group of students.  With Learning Blade you now have a low-cost option that can be made available to all students! This ensures that every student within your school system has exposure to STEM and the opportunity to explore the careers, tools and technology of these fields in a highly engaging format. Not to mention the fact that each lesson ties back to academic standards, reinforcing these standards and allowing students to practice their skills.

Why Students Love Learning Blade

Learning Blade sends students on engaging missions that both interest and excite them. Within each mission you will find a wide variety of lessons, each one tied back to a career, tool or technology of a STEM related field. As they progress, students can earn points as they complete their lessons and practice their skills. This type of multi-sensual approach helps to foster interest and encourage students to pursue a STEM related career path. 


Why Society Loves Learning Blade

Learning Blade provides a unique approach to STEM integration. As STEM occupations are expected to grow, Learning Blade is poised to help produce more STEM graduates who are prepared to embrace this increased demand. Plus, as STEM related careers command higher wages, this type of focused, pro-active approach has the potential to benefit society as a whole. This is why Learning Blade has chosen to begin our work at the age where students are most likely to develop a strong preference towards both technology and their future career path…in middle school.

See the complete Learning Blade STEM toolbox here!